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I just tried to set up a development installation of Commerce Kickstart .  I am creating a site that could accept registrations and payments for after school enrichment classes, so I attempted install the CiviCRM module version 4.4.0 through ckpath/admin/modules/install.

This produced 2 errors.  The first was:

POST Content-Length of 12948857 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0, referer: http://localhost/ckpath/admin/modules/install

This was fixed by going to the WAMP tray icon and opening php.ini from the php folder icon.  post_max_size = 8M was changed to post_max_size = 15M.  That solved the first problem.

The next error on attempting to install the module was:

PHP Fatal error:  Maximum execution time of 120 seconds exceeded in D:\\wamp\\www\\ckpath\\includes\\ on line 711, referer: http://localhost/ckpath/admin/modules/install?render=overlay

Likewise, this was resolved by changing the php.ini setting max_execution_time = ??? and increasing it to 180.

Don't forget to restart all WAMP services after making these changes.

I hope this helps someone with the same problem!

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  • Guest - Olivia White

    Utilizing wamp do the following and hopefully, it will resolve the issue

    Make these changes in PHP Choices to correct: Academic writing services

    max_execution_time 180

    memory_limit 512M or your highest available

    post_max_size 32M

    upload_max_filesize 64M

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